Architecture & Interior Design studio

‘CUBE DESIGN STUDIO’ as a firm strives to provide architectural consulting services to assist in the development of all your current and future design requirements.

‘CUBE DESIGN STUDIO’ is an established name in the architectural field. As the name clearly implies, we are a multi-dimensional firm providing specialized consultancy services in the field of architecture, building consultancy, interior design and executing turnkey projects.

The customer oriented solutions we offer make every project that we undertake very unique - encompassing a spectrum ranging from traditionally ethnic to modern & contemporary. Referrals and returning clients continue to make our clientele expand. Client satisfaction is an important aspect of our philosophy and through extensive site studies and supervision; our aim is to make suitable recommendations as and when required. ‘CUBE DESIGN STUDIO’ has undertaken a number of very significant projects.

‘CUBE DESIGN STUDIO’ is a subsidiary of ‘International Enterprise’ a multi - dimensional firm operating in the country for the last 8 years, which operates in the following business areas: Architecture, Interior Design,Turnkey projects and Project Management.